Backpacks for Travel Buyer’s Guide


There are many people who do a lot of traveling and prefer using the best backpacks for travel as opposed to any other type of hand baggage. A backpack can really come in handy if you were, say, riding on a bus since you wouldn’t not have to worry about storing it somewhere. You can simply carry it along with you and keep all the things you need in it as well.

A lot of people like to carry their laptops in their backpack. This can really prove to be helpful when you are flying somewhere since you will be able to carry your personal belongings with you inside the cabin instead of having to store them with the check-in baggage. You could even consider storing something to snack during your journey. And if you want to travel light, you can very easily pack clothes, your laptop and a few other things for a short trip into your backpack and get going. The only thing you will need to be sure of is that you don’t overload your backpack so that it can be worn correctly and isn’t uncomfortable to carry

What is a backpack?


A backpack, to put it simply, is a cloth sack which you can put on your back with the help of a couple of straps over your shoulders and carry things. There are quite a few variations to this in today’s world but that is the basic definition. For example, there are some lighter backpacks which even come with a single shoulder strap.

They are most commonly used by travelers and students. They are preferred to handbags are far as carrying a heavy load or any type of equipment is concerned since it is easier to carry heavy weights on your shoulders than in your hands.

The larger backpacks can accommodate loads greater than 22 lbs. and usually have a padded hip belt to help carry the load while the shoulder straps are just used for stabilization.

You may not know this but backpacks have really been around since ancient times. Their original purpose was to carry game after a successful hunt. The bag was made from the hide of animals and sewn together using animal intestines.

Types of Backpacks

There are 3 basic categories as far as the best travel backpacks are concerned. Let’s take a look at all of them:

1. Daypacks

These packs are used for simple, short term things such as single day hikes, bike rides or hikes. In general, they have a soft back or could be frameless as well.

  • ​The daypacks are quite lightweight and are intended for a light load of not more than 10 – 15 pounds.
  • A good daypack will also come with a hip belt in order to prevent all of the load to thump your back with every step that you take.
  • Daypacks are also waterproof and dustproof most of the time.
  • They won’t really be able to help on long hiking or backpacking trips since you can’t really carry too much in them.

2. Internal Frame Packs

The frames either have plastic frame sheets or aluminum stays or curved Delrin rods or maybe even a combination of all of those things inside the backpack. When it is fit onto your back properly, they will hug your back nicely and cinch the load close with your spine. The basic use of this frame is to help handle the weight transfer into your hip area which is the area in which humans are most capable of bearing all the weight.

  • These packs are useful when it comes to carrying some of the heavier, bigger loads above 15 pounds.
  • It’s more comfortable as compared to other types of backpacks since it is narrower.
  • You will be able to fit through smaller spaces without having to remove your backpack.
  • They won’t really be able to help on long hiking or backpacking trips since you can’t really carry too much in them.

3. External Frame Packs

These packs are used for heavy loads too and are best for people who are going to be walking on a trail. These backpacks are usually hung off simple exterior frames which means that the load gets positioned further away from you. Even though this may just result in a sort of wobble fest for any climbers or skiers, for a trail walker who is carrying a heavy load, these bags are perfect.

  • High weight capacity and good ventilation.
  • It is less expensive and far more sophisticated.
  • It provides various points to which you can attach bulky items like tents or sleeping bags.
  • They can be quite heavy and are very old fashioned.

How to choose The best backpacks for travel

Whenever you’re embarking on an adventure, you would want the best travel backpack with you right? You would want something that is light yet tough. It should be small enough to carry onboard a flight and big enough to hold all your essentials. What else do you look for in a backpack? Read on to find out how you can choose the best backpack for your needs :

  • Preventing theft
    If you’re visiting one of the crowded vacationing areas then you need to know that petty theft and pickpocketing are quite common here. Getting yourself a bag which is secure will help prevent anyone with greedy fingers from getting their hands on your cash, passport, laptop or camera. A hiking bag simply has a string to help secure it. That’s not at all effective. Get a bag which has a locking system in place. This will help prevent theft. Adding a small padlock to this will be more than enough as far as securing your bag as petty theft is concerned.
  • Size matters
    You are obviously going to be doing a lot of traveling and therefore you will require a bag which can easily be carried around with you. Carrying a huge pack is only going to slow your down and not make anything easier at all. Try and ensure you restrict the size of the bag to carry on size.
  • Light vs Heavy
    You should easily be able to fit clothing for a week into these bags and still not feel the burden of carrying something heavy around with you everywhere you go
  • Carry-on instead of check-in
    Instead of having to check-in your baggage when you travel on a plane you can take your bag into the cabin with you. This will help you save money on your tickets too. It’s a win-win for everyone isn’t it? You will also save a lot of time since you won’t have to be standing in long check-in lines or waiting for your bags after your plane has landed. You won’t have to worry about your bags getting lost in transit either.
  • Front loading
    And lastly, most of these bags tend to have openings on top of them. But gaining access to stuff that isn’t right on top will be a little difficult for you if it’s towards the bottom of the bag. You obviously wouldn’t want to be wasting time unpacking and then repacking your bag every time you want something right? So try getting a front loading bag instead.
Best backpacks for travel type

What to look for when buying the traveling backpacks

There are a few questions you need to answer if you want to buy the best backpacks for travel:

- Why do you need the backpack ?
Best Travel Laptop Backpack

If you are still studying, then you would need a backpack which can hold your books, notebooks and other folders. If you’re the kind of person who likes traveling a lot then you would need a backpack which could carry a lot of clothes. Maybe you want a bag to keep your suits and some casual city wear. There are quite a few different reasons why you may want a backpack and it is very important for you to determine the actual reason you want one before you can start finding the correct one.

- How many things do you need to store in your backpack ?

When you answer this question, you will have a rough idea of the amount of weight you will need to carry in your bag. You need to get a bag that will be big enough for everything which would be able to hold that much weight as well.

- How much can you carry ? Back problems ?

You obviously wouldn’t want to further hurt your back if you already have a problem. You won’t be able to carry heavy weights either. Check with your doctor regarding how much weight you can carry before you decide to go and buy a bag and stuff it up with things that weigh a lot which you can’t carry.

- Wheeled backpacks ?

This is something that may really come in handy at some point for you. But it isn’t always the most convenient of choices. If you’re carrying lots of heavy books or many clothes with you, perhaps you would want to have the luxury of wheeling your backpack around? But if you’re going on a hike, wheels are just going to slow you down, nothing else. So think carefully, wheels have the capacity to be a great help as well as a great hindrance.

- Laptops ?

Most people don’t really take this into consideration while buy a backpack for travel but the fact of the matter is that you always should. Are you going to be carrying your laptop in your backpack as well? Does your laptop have a case of its own? Do you want a backpack that has a separate compartment for you laptop? Make sure you aren’t carrying your laptop around in your hand after buying your new laptop.


Choosing the right backpack isn’t as simple as going online and ordering the first one you see. You will need to go through a number of travel backpack reviews before you can be certain you are making the correct choice. See what experiences others have had with the backpack before you choose to buy it for yourself. And always take your time. Carefully consider all of your options. Compare the price of the same or similar backpacks on various websites. Make an informed decision. This will all but ensure you don’t end up with a backpack that is not right for you.

So now that you know everything there is to know about backpacks, it’s time for you to start searching for the perfect one.

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