Beginner’s Guide To The Best Camping & Hunting Gear And Clothing

There is nothing more pleasurable than the feeling you get after coming back home from a successful hunting trip. Trust me. I have many years of experience hunting under my belt and I still get the same high as when I first started going out there for the first time. If you are just starting out in the exciting and extremely challenging sport of hunting, I welcome you with open arms and I guarantee that you will be addicted for many years to come.


The first word of advice that I always give to newbie hunters is that you should never skimp on quality when searching for the best gear, clothing, and equipment. If you want to have the best hunting experience then make sure to invest only in the brands and equipment that expert hunters have always trusted for years and years.

Here is a list of several types of hunting gear that you should invest in as early as possible:

A reliable tactical backpack

When you hunt you will be bringing a lot of clothing, gear and accessories with you. You want to be as mobile as possible this is why you will want to invest in a solid backpack that will hold all your belongings. TSSi. has a wide selection of backpacks from some of the most established brand names such as Blackhawk and TACOPS. Sturdy, durable, and made with excellent quality workmanship, your bag will be your best companion during your next hunting expedition.

A couple complete sets of hunting outfits

When you are in the outdoors, safety and protection should be your priorities. You will not be able to predict when a sudden change of weather will occur. A bright and sunny clear day can suddenly turn downright cold and painfully chilly. You will want to be prepared for all the different weather changes, from daybreak to sundown. This is why you need to invest in the specialized kind of clothing made for expressly for hunting.

For example, one of the best jackets that you can invest in is the Columbia Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket and Pants. It has a perfect tactical design that gives you a comfortable, relaxed fit, reinforced shoulder, as well as protective knee patches. The recycled lightweight wool gives you enough protection from the cold, at the same time it does not weigh you down too much as you move from one place to another.

The 24-7 Series Tactical Softshell Jacket is constructed from flexible nylon that is extremely lightweight and completely water and wind resistant. The zipper front closure is lined with fleece to give you added warmth and protection from the cold and its side seam zippers are great for easy access to all your belongings.This would be an ideal piece for layering.

The best hunting rifle

I have gone through different rifles and guns throughout my hunting career but one of the best ones that I would recommend to beginners is the Ruger M77 Guide Gun. It has some of the most basic and most advanced features that any hunter would need to step up his game. It has a 20-inch barrel, a laminated stock bolt action, a fantastic rubber recoil pad, first-rate iron sights and an extremely effective muzzle brake. Best of all, it only weighs 8 pounds to 8 and a half pounds which is perfect if you are still getting the hang of carrying around a heavy load with you.

Now that you have an edge on getting all your gear and clothing ready, make sure to schedule your next hunting trip with your favorite hunting buddies.

Don’t forget your hunting license!

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