Camping Essentials For Your Dog

 Taking a dog camping is a lot of fun, and the dog will certainly enjoy the adventures, especially if you remember all the right stuff for your dog.


Playing With Your Dog:

Make time early in the day to play with your dog and get it lots of exercises, so it will sleep when you are trying to cook and look after your campsite. Our dog is much happier if we take a time to play and give her undivided attention first, then she’ll let us do our thing. She is very active and usually needs 2-3 vigorous plays each day.

  • Balls for fetch
  • Scoopie for playing fetch
  • Chew toys
  • Rawhides
  • Treats
  • Water toys (play in the water early in the day so your dog isn’t wet at bedtime)
  • Lay down place with a bed (old blanket or rug)

Cleaning up After Your Dog:

  • Poop bags (always make the walk to a garbage pail)
  • Waterless shampoo for quick cleaning
  • Thin, old towels for drying (they dry faster if they are thin and worn out a bit)
  • Shampoo
  • Comb/brush
  • Bucket (for washing her muddy feet)

Keeping Dog Safe:

dog-heat-safeIn campgrounds, you usually have to keep the dog tied up, so be sure to follow the rules of the campground, and respect the other campers. When you put the dog out on the leash, try to put it where the dog can reach you, to minimize barking, but also try to tie the dog where it won’t get tangled up in stumps and trees. Obviously, make sure it has shade and fresh water.

  • Tie out the leash
  • Collar with tags
  • Walking leash
  • Blinking light for nighttime
  • Bear bells

Feeding Your Dog:

When your camping, it’s important for your dog that you don’t change her diet too much, too fast, or you’ll have an unhappy dog, and mess to clean up. It’s tempting to feed your dog leftover hot dogs and marshmallows, but it the dog isn’t used to “people” food, don’t! Stick to the dog’s regular diet.

  • Water dish
  • Travelling water dish
  • Food bowl
  • Waterproof food storage container
  • Treats

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