Family Camping, the preparation tips and tricks

For everyone who trying to go camping outside, preparation always never been a waste of time. Let’s see what should be checked before the trip.


Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene for Camping

Although the outdoors is fun and exciting it is still important to have personal cleanliness at camp.  There should be a washing station set up with a soap, water, and towel for clean ups before and after meals. It is also handy to have quick disposable wipes for quick clean ups.  Check with each camp to find out disposable methods for water.

If you are really organized you can have a pot of hot water on the stove at all times for those touch dirty cleanups and clean up before retiring for the night.  Pack a complete hygiene package for each member of the family and put it in a zip lock bag. Items that might be included are washcloths, small towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, a few bandaids, liquid soap and label with names.

Clothes for Camping

What clothes to pack for a camping trip can be a daunting task. The type of camping determines what type of clothes that need to be packed. In general pack for all types of weather and also pack for the unexpected.  These are the things that are needed:

  • Socks: Socks are the most important piece of clothing while camping.  Extra socks can make a difference between a good camping experience and a great camping experience.
  • Pants and Shorts: 2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of shorts should be sufficient for any camping trip.
  • Tops:  1 light cotton shirt, 2 heavier shirts (1 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve), 1 good fleece shirt with hood, if space allows a good warm wool sweater will provide warmth where modern fabrics don’t.
  • Hats:  1 hat for protection from the sun
  • Mitts: 1 pair of mitts or gloves for cool nights and unexpected weather. (very important for children)
  • Bug Jacket: You can invest in a good quality bug jacket.  They can make the difference between a good camping trip and a great camping trip.
  • Underwear: 1 pair to wear and one pair to clean
  • Sleepwear:  Sleepwear is important because people should never wear to bed the clothes they have been wearing all day.  The moisture from the day stays in the clothes and you can guarantee that you will be cold.

Tent Set Up

Learning how to set up a tent is a major factor for a successful camping trip.  If you are purchasing a new tent it is important that you check to see that all the equipment you will need to set up a tent is included with the tent.  If you have a tent you also have to make sure that all the necessary parts and pieces are present to set up your tent.  Your tent should be set up prior to going on your camping trip.

You can set your tent up in your yard or if you live in an apartment you can take your tent to the park to practice.  Make sure you include all members of the family in the set up of the tent.  It is important to take suggestions from all members included in the setup. 

When you have finished setting up your tent and you are ready to take it down make sure that all the parts and pieces are packed with the tent.

Necessary Equipment for your Tent

  • Instructions for setting up tent
  • Tent
  • Tent pegs
  • Extra tent pegsHammer or mallet for pounding in tent peg
  • Extra ropes for tent
  • Whisk for keeping tent clean

Storing Tent

When you have finished camping remember that the storage of your tent will ensure that your tent will provide camping service for many years. It is important that your tent is dry when you store it away for the season.

When you return home from camping set your tent up in your yard for 3 – 4 days to make sure it is well aired out. Make sure that you have cleaned the inside floor of your tent because all that grass and debris will eventually cause damage to your tent. Make sure that any food that has been in the tent also be removed.

When you pack your tent away make sure that all the parts and pieces are together and ready for the next year. Finally, store your tent in a place that is free of dampness and in an area that it will be safe from any animals that may be attracted your tent and do damage.


  • Make sure tent is dry before you pack it away for the season
  • Make sure that the tent has been cleaned the inside floor completely
  • Make sure that any food that has been consumed in the tent be clean thoroughly
  • Pack your tent in a dry, animal free place

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bag

Care of your sleeping is very important.  You must make sure that before you go camping that there are no holes in your sleeping bag.  This is important for a restful sleep and holes in sleeping bags may mean that there are animals that have taken up residence in your sleeping bag. 

It is a great idea to insert into the sleeping bag a flannelette sheet or light blanket. It adds to the comfort of the sleeping experience.  Make sure that the zipper works.  Make sure that the sleeping bag you have is the type of sleeping bag needed for the type of camping trip you are going on. 

After you have returned home from camping make sure that you have aired you sleeping bag out before you store it away for the season.  Store your sleeping bag in a cool dry place that animals will not have access to your sleeping bags.

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