Seven advices to note when you decide travelling to Bali!

You must know Bali as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. At this time I will share some tips on cheap holidays to Bali for beginners. Bali is one of the very popular tourist spot. Bali is part of Indonesia, the island dubbed the island of thousand temples. In planning a vacation, the cost factor is an aspect that must be planned carefully. Travelling to Bali with minimal cost indeed sounds unreasonable, but by running a few tips below, you will find some useful information you can apply in your next vacation in Bali.
travellingtoBaliSeparate your budget
Separate ticketing accommodation off other budgets related to food, entrance fees, and souvenirs. Bring the necessary money in your wallet and keep the rest in a bank account that can be taken at any time by using automated teller machines. Of course you have to make sure that your bank has a network in Bali. For information, you can find some of the network of international banks operating in Bali.

Avoid the holiday season or weekend when travelling
The holiday season is a time of great fun for most tourists, but they also must be prepared with the fact that everything will become more expensive, not to mention air tickets, lodging and food. In addition you may not be able to enjoy anything in the middle of a crowded atmosphere. If you visit Bali on a weekday, then you can save your budget, because almost the entire inn set cheaper rates during weekdays. If you choose to get on a plane to Bali, try to book ticket for the evening flight that is cheaper than the morning and afternoon ones.

Search for low-priced lodging
The area around Legian Street is an area where a lot of cheap lodgings available. You can rent rooms, starting from $ 10 to $ 25 per day, and these rates can be cheaper if you rent for a minimum of three days. The facilities provided are also adequate, ie single beds, a fan and an indoor bathroom. You should check the information and reputation of each lodging through the Internet in order to avoid mistakes in choosing.

Hire a motorcycle to help you in exploring Bali
Renting a motorcycle can save your transportation budget. You may get a cheaper price if you rent for more than three days.

Eating in stalls reserved for backpackers
Look for a variety of restaurants around the beach which is usually a gathering place for the backpacker. They typically sell food and drinks at low prices.

Buy souvenirs in traditional markets
Do not be tempted to buy souvenirs in the gift shops on the roadside because you can buy them at a much cheaper price in a number of scattered art shops in Denpasar and surrounding areas. Three most recommended traditional markets are Pasar Seni Sukawati, Pasar Seni Kumbasari, and Pasar Tanah Lot.

Guides of courtesy
Banten or sajen is a kind of offering flowers placed in a container, usually placed at the entrance and areas frequented by people. If you accidentally step the banten in front of Balinese people, you can simply say “sorry”, similarly, when you visit temples or places that are considered sacred by the local people. You should respect and follow local customs. Use decent clothes. If you wear shorts, you need to change with more decent clothes. Some places also require you to wear a sarong. Do not walk in front of people who are praying or taking pictures with flash during the ceremony is going on. For women, do not go inside when you are menstruating.

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