Seven habits you would never want to do in these countries!


Habits such as smoking or chewing gum can give problems when traveling to certain countries. Therefore before visiting a country you should know about the culture and restrictions in the country. Do not let your ignorance will eventually bring you into problems that ultimately can interfere with even can plunge you into prison. Each state has different rules and sometimes look very strange. To make your next trips comfortable, we summarize the following seven habits that could invite trouble if done while you are traveling in these countries.

  1. Smoking in Bhutan
    Everyone who used to live in independence certainly does not want to deal with the law even has to restrain his desire temporary. If you are a smoker, then you have to hold your bad habit at least while you are in Bhutan. Bhutan forces very strict rules about smoking. These rules aimed not only to Bhutan citizens but also to any tourist who comes. Any person caught smoking in this country will get a sanction in the form of imprisonment for several years. So beware when visiting Bhutan, make sure you do not bring cigarettes there.
  2. Holding Someone’s Head in Thailand
    Maybe you often see the football players who hold other’s head which scored. That is done as a tribute to his success. However, that action should not be done in Thailand because can elicit a variety of unintended consequences. In Thailand, the head is a very important part of the body and considered the most sacred. Then, holding the head is strictly forbidden and considered insulting. This prohibition applies not only to adults, but on children as well.
  3. Public Kissing in Saudi Arabia
    If kissing in public is not going to cause problems when done in western countries then do not do it during your vacation in Saudi Arabia. Although your kissing partner is your wife or your husband, but it is still in violation of the norms of decency. Especially if done by someone who does not have an official relationship, so the 120 lashes is a gift.
  4. Giving scissors or a knife in El Salvador as gift
    Note the items that you want to use for rewarding someone especially when you’re in El Salvador. Rather than deliver the goods that you think will benefit the people but instead could end your relationship. If you’re in El Salvador and get a couple in there, even if your partner is a chef and a designer then do not ever reward knife or scissors. Although these tools will be useful for them, but it is not polite because there, scissors and knives are commonly used as a symbol for ending a relationship.
  5. Careless Spitting in Singapore
    In Singapore, spitting is one of the unlawful conduct. Singaporean government has been campaigning for a ban on the spit since the 1980s and until now the ban is still in force and adhered to its citizens. It is quite trivial but reflects the organized communities that obey the law. Violators will be imprisoned for up to a fine of 500 Singapore dollars.
  6. Eating and Drinking in the Court of Public Buildings in Italy
    In Italy, especially in the city of Florence, eating in front of public buildings is illegal. We could be subject to fines up to prison sentences if we do it. The reason is quite simple, that disrupts public order and potentially leaves the trash.
  7. Bringing Mineral Water to Nigeria
    The country is a lot of strange rules apply for every tourist who comes. Every tourist who wants to go to Nigeria, without exception, is prohibited from carrying any bottled mineral water.

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