Small Tips for a perfect and successful trip

We list here some small tips recommended by travel experts that you should follow to have a perfect and successful trip.

1. Tips for convenient packing

You should make a packing list, do not make your trip become a terrible one because of bringing to many things that you would not use all. There are many people, especially women complaining that they don’t know which ones they should bring and which ones should not since it seems to be they need all of them. Bringing big suitcases that you might not use all will make you feel tired or carrying and cost you too much for check-in baggage fee on the plane.

  • What things you should bring?
  • How to bring fewer items but still useful?
  • How to get fewer wrinkles closes and you can wear them right away without ironing?

Travel experts said that you can pack everything in a suitcase even you are traveling for 3 days or 3 months. You should limit all your items within this suitcase. For bulky luggage, you can rent at your tourist places. The most important thing when you arrange items to bring is make sure you just bring necessary things that you have to use when traveling.

Women often bring so many clothes and other things because they don’t want to wear the same clothes or just some during their holiday. They want to change each day or even each place. However you can change your appearance with just 2 pans, 1 dress and 1 jacket as long as they are different colors and come with appropriate accessories.

With restrictive conditions when traveling, you should prefer to bring clothes that are non-wrinkle to use immediately when arrival without ironing. Now, there are so many shops selling different items for traveling, you can come to choose the appropriate items for you before the trip. There are some shirts can wear both sides – exterior and interior. You can change your styles by using the same shirt for different times; you still look attractive if you combine with appropriate accessories.

Take advantage by using your convenient households is a good idea. Choose thin and light material clothes helps you to save time. For men, use similar rules. You can bring your shirts that give you a polite appearance. When you leave your tie, you look more natural and comfortable.

The non-wrinkle clothes help you rapidly become more polite and professional. Remember that women can change their appearance by using scarves and accessories and for men, it is tie. Next, you should roll in your clothes to limit wrinkle. In addition, you can save space by using cloth bags or plastic bags to keep jackets, using your shoes to put underclothes in, leaving heaviest things to the bottom of suitcase. With these small tips, you will not waste any space in your suitcase.

Finally, you have to take out all items as soon as you arrive at your hotel. Hang up your clothes if they are wrinkled. Spray a little bit water on your wrinkled clothes and hang them up.

2. Tips for safety health

Many people do not realize that their insurance does not pay for medical problems happening when they travel. It is very risky if you have a healthy problem when you are traveling in another country

Nowadays, it is very easy and convenient to by medical insurance within 1 hour before your departure. If you do not follow a package tour organized by a professional operator,  you should buy medical insurance if you travel on your own.

Upon your arrival at tourist place, you need spend sometimes to get acquainted with that place weather, especially the mountainous areas. Make sure that your body has enough time to become familiar with oxygen level in this area, to avoid discomfort syndrome when going up following by symptoms such as head-ache, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath and unconsciousness.

Experts also suggest mountaineer that they should drink a lot of water, more than normal to have regular blood circulation; this will help your body healthier since you will be dehydrated very quickly when climbing up.

For those who go to the sea or join scuba-diving need a reasonable time to rest and relax before getting on the plane. Normally you need 12 to 24 hours for resting after joining scuba-diving. Just consider that time is an opportunity for you to relax after doing many activities on your trip.

You also see some more tips to get a safety health on

3. Tips to ensure security when traveling

Someone would like to travel with their friends and family, but someone would like to do their own trip, they would like to travel alone. In this case, ensuring security for themselves become more important

Spend your knowledge, believe in your mind and be careful are the most important to protect yourself.  For example, you always carry a rubber piece to block at the main door or stop at the door in the middle of your hotel room. It helps to prevent someone coming to your room and you don’t know, even it rarely happens. Besides that, you should not choose a room closing to freezers or vending machines since there are many people walk around there and they may know when you are going out and when will you back.

The check in security is also very important. If the hotel receptionist informs your name and your room number loudly, you should ask him/her to change another room since any one at the lobby can hear your information.

We believe that our above tips will help you to have a well-preparation (make a list of items to bring together, packing, health problems may happen and medicine) and get ready for a perfect trip. You have time to enjoy food, to take part in different activities during your holiday without any health problems. Spend few minute to read our tips for a perfect and successful trip, sure you won’t be regret.

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