What you should do before and when travelling in Singapore

It sounds trivial, but paying attention to the small things is very important when we are traveling. An example is the problem of ballpoint pen; this tiny object should always be stored in our pocket, as it is very important to some emergencies, such as filling sheets of embarkation before sitting in the plane. Of course before you are given embarkation card, you need to have a passport first, a very absolute requirement to be met. Yes, you have to make your passport first. You can take advantage of Google to find out how to make a passport under the rules that apply in your country. The next step is to find budget airline several months before the departure date. Singapore government is promoting the tourism, adding Singapore airline’s cheap ticket quotas that can be bought online.

You do not need to feel the confusion in finding cheap tourist sites and transport in Singapore. You just type the name of the attractions you want, and then you will be taken to related pages. Everything can be obtained by Internet. Singapore has a very adequate and pedestrian-friendly transport system. MRT just seems to me enough to support my mobility in exploring Singapore. MRT is a commonly used means of transportation of Singapore residents. Besides its price, the MRT is quite affordable, safety and cozy. Coverage area is also spacious, reaching nearly all areas of interest in Singapore. In fact, you can ride the MRT from Changi International Airport. You simply buy EzLink Card (prepaid card that can be refilled) or one-way ticket when you are going to ride the MRT.


Do not forget to look for cheap hotels or lodging in Singapore. If possible, do not do the searching in conjunction with the official holiday period or year-end holiday, because you will find prices that have soared. For your information, there are so many cheap hotels in the area of ​​Chinatown, leased with a starting price of $ 20. You need to exchange your currency to the currency of Singapore. This action needs to be done so that you would not experience difficulties in various transactions during your stay in Singapore.

Tourist attractions in the end are the destination by any traveler. I would recommend some destinations that are not only entertaining, but also capable of providing education, especially for children.

Singapore Botanical Garden
Singapore Botanical Garden is a kind of giant garden. Here there is a wide variety of plants from all over the world, especially from Asia. This place is very spacious. In this place your children can learn about a variety of plants that exist there. Your children can also learn some of the benefits of certain plants for humans.

You can also visit the National Orchid Garden located inside the botanical garden. Your kids can learn to recognize different kinds of orchids from around the world. This place is highly recommended for anyone who travels with children.

In Singapore, there are many museums, including the National Museum, the Singapore Art Museum and the Asian Civilizations Museum. Singapore is very concerned about their museums. All museums there are neat and clean. In these museums, your children can learn many things ranging from history, art, to culture.

Areas that need to be avoided when you are traveling with family
You should avoid “the red area” like the area of ​​Geylang district at night. This area is not comfortable to visit with the family at night. On the roadside, when nightfall, nearly all the food stall will be filled with people who sit down while eating and drinking alcoholic beverages. Of course that view is not suitable to be viewed by your children.

Singapore is a very pleasant tourist destination. By taking into account some tips above, I hope you can enjoy your journey optimally.

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