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10 Great Places To Include In Your 2017 Travel Itinerary

Traveling around the globe can be really fun! But looking for places to go to can sometimes be a very time-consuming task. The Lonely Planet know you want to go places, but don’t want to spend hours looking for them. And we are with them.

Lonely Planet, which is composed of travel pros, published their annual “best places” book (a compilation of their travels). It contains the best cities and countries to visit, activities to do, and when is the best time to go. We just love their list, year after year.


There is no denying that this country had some troubles recently, causing some tourists to stay away from it. But that means few tourists to see and more of the country and its people, and of course cheaper prices!


Yes, this country may also pose some danger to foreigners, too, but don’t let this hinder you from experiencing the very lively and lovely Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s capital. You can also experience great wildlife spotting here.


When you are on a tight budget, Bali can be the place for you. You’ll find great culture, beautiful structures, and cheap spa treatments along the way. If you have some additional money, Bali also offers not-so-cheap but quality places to stay, with ample air conditioning, and distinctively Balinese style.


Barcelona may not be too budget-friendly, but Lisbon is. What’s more is that Lisbon don’t have many people, letting you enjoy the ambiance of the city. You can also find great beaches, like the Algarve region, which is a favorite for family getaways and surfers, and it doesn’t chug much on your money.


This is another favorite among those who doesn’t have too much to spend. These islands has a lot of beauty to show off, and you’ll be amazed with the simplicity and beauty of undeveloped places have. Such a paradise, indeed. Start your trip by jumping off from Australia or New Zealand.


Yes this bustling city may pose some risk to your lung health, but its beauty is such a wonder. You can find low-cost dorms for as low as $10 and walk around the streets while grabbing a handful of street foods. You may also find great food on its popular restaurants.


This may not be the most budget-friendly place ever, but the beaches here are truly awesome. You may also enjoy a laid-back stay at Montevideo, or a fun and hip beach scene.


Looking for the best value for your money? Try Romania. Many travelers go here for leisure, and they don’t leave the country unsatisfied. It may be in Europe, but you don’t have to worry about airfares – budget airlines go in and out of Romania, connecting it to the rest of Europe.


Like Shanghai, you may also enjoy Taiwan’s busy street scenes, street foods, and cheap dorms. It is much, much cheaper to stay here than Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. You may even camp on its national parks, and you can get around cheaply through trains.


If you are looking for a country where you can find great mixture of cultures, then visit South Africa. If you don’t want to mix with large crowds or uncomfortable weather, then you should come here during the shoulder months (February, March, September, and October).

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