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9 Travel Safety Tips For Women

Nowadays, women are traveling on their own in greater numbers than ever before. Whether it is for business or pleasure, women can feel safe traveling to many destinations throughout the world.

Despite the world being opened up, it is still important for women to take precautions to stay safe during their travels. Here are nine easy safety tips for any woman traveler!

  1. Leave a detailed itinerary – its best if someone back home knows where you are going to be. If you have a detailed itinerary, be sure to leave that with someone you trust. If you don’t know what you’ll be doing until you arrive at your destination, be sure to be in touch via email outlining your whereabouts.
  2. Don’t divulge your room number – Keep your room number to yourself. If your room number is stated aloud during check in, ask to be reassigned. Have the room number written down and don’t keep your key in the envelope that it came in. If anyone gets your key, they won’t be able to use it if they don’t know the room number!
  3. Never open your door – Always check the peephole before opening your door. If a hotel employee is at the door, call down to the front desk to see if they have sent someone to your room. It is also important to always use the additional dead bolt on your room door.
  4. Look for well lit parking – If you’ll be going out in the evening on your own, find parking close by to your destination in a well lit area. Better yet, opt for valet parking (if it is available) as it is worth the extra cost for your safety.
  5. Avoid jewelry – It may be hard for some women, but it is best to avoid jewelry. Even costume jewelry may be mistaken for something of value. However, it is advisable to wear a wedding ring to ward off potential suitors.
  6. Study the map – Before you go sightseeing, study your map so you know the way. Ask hotel staff to indicate any dangerous areas on your map. When on the streets, it is safer to use a pocket guidebook instead of a large map that will identify you as a tourist.
  7. Rent a mobile phone or bring your own – Put the local police on speed dial as well.
  8. Choose a hotel in a well trafficked area – Aim to choose your accommodations in a well trafficked street because that will mean restaurants close by and people around in the evenings. Interior room entrances are also safer than motel style or exterior entrances. Another idea is to choose a smaller hotel so that staff becomes familiar and loiterers become more noticeable.
  9. Keep the contents of your purse to a minimum – When going out sightseeing or for the evening, keep your purse to a bare minimum, wallet, hotel key, and license and makeup essentials. Lock your passport, bankcards, keys from home and other important items in your hotel safe. Do not carry more cash than is necessary.

Hope these nine tips help keep you safe the next time you are traveling on your own!