Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport

The strategically convenient location right at the center of Western Europe and at the intersection of Alsace, Baden-Wurttemberg and North West Switzerland means the Basel-Mulhouse International Airport can be reached without any difficulty whatsoever. Regarded as one of the well-equipped airports in the whole of Europe, this airport can deal with any sort of traffic.


In the year 1946, the first civilian airplane touched its wheels down on the tarmac of the airport. Known as EuroAirport, the Basel-Mulhouse International Airport stood as the symbol for cooperation, which became fully essential right after World War II. It was decided that the French government would provide the land whereas the Swiss government would erect the facility including the runway.

Following the treaty signed in Berne in the year 1949, the process of constructing the airport started in full swing and went through different stages spanning several years. The passenger terminal was opened grandly in 1970, and the airport reached an important milestone of 1-million mark a decade later.

Since then, there is no looking back. Nearly 5.50 million passengers passed through the gates of the airport last year. It is not surprising, looking at figures like this, that the airport is one of the important gateways to many destinations in and around Europe.

Airlines and Destinations

Flying over 20 different airlines to destinations all over the world, the airport can handle anywhere between 80 and 100 scheduled flights on a daily basis. Some of the leading airlines operating from this airport include Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Swiss International Air lines (headquartered in the Swiss section of the facility). All the premium airline alliances offer connections to their gateways in London- Heathrow, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Frankfurt, thereby providing passengers with great access to intercontinental hubs.

The airport is quite big but is quite easy to get around. It has got all the facilities that a commoner would expect an airport to have. Contemporary architecture, friendly staff, a great selection of restaurants, and a host of facilities will strike you hard when you get inside the Basel-Mulhouse International Airport .