Best Food To Take On Airplanes

With the food service either dismal or totally absent on many airlines these days, many of us are bringing our own food when we fly. Since there typically is a lack of food, it is important to ensure your tummy stays satisfied, because you never know when you might reach your destination!

    • Dried Fruit or Trail Mix – Dried fruit or trail mix (a mix of nuts and fruit) make excellent snacks because they are healthy, easy to carry and satisfying. This snack also works exceptionally well if you are traveling with children. Just words of caution though…salt can contribute to jet lag so look for unsalted or low sodium versions.
    • Bottle of Water – Although the new liquid rules make it difficult to bring a bottle of water through security, you can usually purchase water at the airport on the secured side. Drinking enough water on your flight will help keep you energized and hydrated. If you’re drinking lots of water, it’s best to request an aisle seat.
    • Crackers – Pack a box of crackers in your carryon and you’ve got a great portable snack for you and all your flying companions. Better yet, pack a few cheese strings too and you’ve got a tasty source of protein to help keep you satisfied.
    • Bagels – Another great snack to bring on an airplane and one that is really easy to find at most airports is a bagel.  They are filling and if you choose a wholegrain variety – they are healthy too. Why not boost your protein with a bagel and select a low fat or non-fat cream cheese as a tasty accompaniment.
    • Candy – Well, although your dentist may frown at our suggestion of bringing candy with you – it really does make a great snack while on an airplane. Candy is easy to transport and the chewing motion most candy requires can help to keep your ears from being uncomfortably plugged as altitude increases.
    • Fruits & Veggies – If you are traveling within your own country and won’t be crossing any borders, bring some fruits and veggies as a snack. Seedless grapes, baby carrots, bananas, apples, and sugar snap peas are portable, good for you and will help keep you satisfied!

Be prepared for your next flight by bringing your favorite snacks to keep you energized, happy and jet lag free!