Nestling between the atlantique ocean and mountains, Biarritz offers a perfect natural setting typical of the Basque Countries. Throughout history, its people have known how to preserve strong age-old traditions, a very vibrant language and rich culture.

Situated in the Bay of Biscay and once a bustling seaport, Biarritz is now a fashionable resort. Its inhabitants are dedicated to preserving the heritage of that period, which contributes to the picturesque character of the town.

Nearby is the fishermen’s port and its gaily coloured crampotte (typical houses) welcoming visitors with simplicity and authenticity.

Places to Visit

Asiatica Museum houses a fantastic collection of Asian art primarily from India, Nepal, Tibet, and China. It includes pieces spanning thousands of years from the prehistoric through to the present day.

The Museum of the Sea celebrates the special intimacy that Biarritz shares with the ocean. It has 24 aquariums containing many of the species that are indigenous to the area, including impressive sharks and seals that visitors can watch being fed twice a day.

The Biarritz Surf Festival takes place every year during the summer on the beach at the Côte des Basques. It is the premier surf event in Europe attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators and many of the greatest names in world surfing to enjoy various contests, demonstrations, music and films.

St-Martin’s Church is a great place to visit in order to gain some insight into Biarritz’s colourful history. It was constructed in the 12th century, during a time when Biarritz was becoming a successful whaling centre, and restored in the middle of the 16th century. It is open every day between 0800 and 1930 and has free admission.

The Russian Orthodox Church in Biarritz was constructed towards the end of the 19th century so that Russian aristocrats, who were frequent visitors to the area, could worship. It was the fourth Orthodox Church in to be built in France and is famous for its blue dome.