Cheap Holiday in Paris

Top tips for a cheap holiday in Paris

Paris is well known as a glitzy and expensive city to visit and it is certainly very easy to spend large amounts of your hard earned cash on hotels, restaurants and cafes.

But can you have a cheap holiday in Paris? The answer of course is yes – just follow the tips below:

  • Try to choose accommodation in the smaller hotels and stick to the arondisments (districts) away from the city centre. The Paris Metro is so efficient that getting around is never an issue.
  • If you are arriving by train or by plane then you’ll find last minute hotel booking agencies in the airport and at the major railway stations. You can often obtain a good deal by doing this.
  • If your French is up to it then try phoning or emailing the hotel directly – the rates they offer are often less than those found on some websites – and they may offer you a better room
  • Consider staying in one of the modern range of apartment hotels – you can find a city centre mini-appartment or flat at very good value.
  • Eat out in the smaller cafes or bistros that you will find everywhere. Eat your biggest meal at lunchtime and look for the daily specials on the menu. The prices are often less than half what you’ll pay for the same meal in the evening.
  • Shop local for wine, bread, cheese, pate and fruit and eat this fresh instead of a restaurant lunch
  • Travel by metro and buy a book of ten tickets at a time (called a carnet) – this allows you almost unlimited travel at good value
  • Visit the museums on Sunday when admission is often free or cheaper than during the week.
  • If you plan to go up the Eiffel Tower then go late in the evening – much less busy and much more romantic
  • Don’t go river cruising on the Bateau Mouches – very expensive. Instead use the Vedettes du pont neuf – much better value and a more personal tour – again go in the evening for maximum romance