European Train Trips

Can you travel around Europe by train? Absolutely – for those in the know, taking the train can be one of the best European travel options.

You have the choice of exploring one or two European countries using their rail networks – or you can purchase special train tickets that allow you to explore almost the whole of Europe over a period of weeks or months.

The UK, France, Germany and most of the Scandinavian countries offer special rail tickets for train travel around their country. These tickets allow more or less free access and you can choose how long you wish the duration of your European train trip to be. Options from a few days up to a month are usually available.

If you want to explore Europe by train then you should look no further than the famous Interrail ticket. This allows the freedom of the whole of Europe for rail travel and European train trips.

The ticket lasts for a month and has been beloved of students for many years. It’s a great way to spend a month in the summer on train trips around Europe in the company of many other like minded young people.

An interrail ticket was previously only available to those under the age of 26 – but it’s now open to anyone of any age (although more expensive for the «oldies»).