Frankfurt Airport

Situated in Frankfurt Germany and run by the Fraport Company, Frankfurt Airport is the busiest of all German airports flying more than 1300 flights every day. Moreover, it is regarded as the third busiest international airport in Europe, in terms of passenger traffic.

Sitting about 8 miles outside of the city, Frankfurt Airport is very easy to get to as there are not only extensive parking lots, but on site train stations as well.


Frankfurt Airport was originally opened in 1936 as the Rhein-Main Airport and Airship Base, used for exclusively military traffic. Except for Berlin, it became the largest terminal in Germany. It was only recently, in 1972, that it became an international commercial airport connecting this part of Europe to several popular destinations and premier hubs of air traffic. Since then it has got a couple of new runways, with another on the cards, while the US forces moved out in 2005.

Airlines and Destinations

Frankfurt is the main center for a lot of major airlines, including Lufthansa, the national carrier. 275 places in 111 countries are available to passengers traveling through Frankfurt. Beirut, Johannesburg, Florence, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Singapore are some of the destinations that this airport connects with. In fact, so many airlines use Frankfurt when making nonstop flights since it is the most vital airport for European travel.


Frankfurt Airport is continually adding on and making improvements. Two new terminals help to accommodate over 60 million passengers early. Not too many years ago, facilities had to be added for several Airbus A380 aircrafts, stationed there by Lufthansa.


Money and Communications: Frankfurt provides currency exchange services, banks, ATMs, and a post office with an Internet lounge.

Luggage: Both terminals have stations at which luggage can be reclaimed, either day or night.

Conference and Business: Most major airports provide facilities for business uses and Frankfurt Airport is no different. Frankfurt’s Conference center can hold up to 200 people, and offers media presentation tools. Internet, common supplies and even caterers are available.

Other facilities: The Frankfurt Airport has a lot to offer in terms of necessities and amusements, including a salon, facilities for medical needs, play areas for kids, and even dry-cleaning.