Located directly on the lake, the city of Geneva offers a very enjoyable atmosphere. Not far from many of the most renowned ski areas of the Alps, Geneva offers the rare advantages of a cosmopolitan city of human dimensions.

Geneva is rich of numerous Hotels of every category as well as a very wide selection of fine dining restaurants. Due to its very international inhabitants, this city offers a multitude of restaurants which serve food from every corner of the world.

Geneva is home to various international organizations, the most renowned among them is the UN which makes Geneva earn its title of “capital of peace”.

Anybody who discovers Geneva for the first time will be inevitably fascinated by the famous “jet d’eau”, an amazing fountain in the middle of the lake, which measures 140 m of height.

Finally, the flower watch positioned at the entrance of the city is another famous attraction for tourists. The latter stands as a symbol of Geneva’s worldwide notorious watch industry, which regularly produces most of the finest and prestigious watches on the market.

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