Germany – Budget Style

Here are just a few hints to cut costs and still have a great time when traveling to Germany.

  • Travel During Fall/Winter – It is much less expensive to travel during October, November, January, February and March than the late spring and summer months.  In fact, hotel prices can be as much as 20% less.
  • Book A Package – Booking a package can be far cheaper than if you tried booking airfare, ground transportation, hotel and activities individually.
  • Inquire About Discounts – Always be sure to check if the hotel or excursion offers discounts if you are an AAA, frequent flier or other loyalty program member.  If you are over 55, ask about senior discounts too.
  • Go To Expensive Restaurants For Lunch – If there are some fancy, expensive restaurants that you are interesting in visiting during your stay in Germany, try going for lunch instead of dinner.  The lunch menu often will offer the same type of fare but at prices that are much less expensive than the dinner menu.  Another great option in Germany is their fixed price menus where you can get a multi course meal for a bargain.
  • Take The Train and Go Second Class – The train is a reasonably priced way to get from city to city in Germany.  Make sure you buy a second-class ticket which will save you big bucks!
  • Get Your Exercise and Walk – Many German towns are well suited for sightseeing on foot.  Save by avoiding rental car fees and taxi fares and do your body good at the same time!  Sightseeing on foot allows you to see more too and you get to savour the local flavor!

So, don’t let the reported high prices of travel in Germany scare you away.  Follow these simple tips and discover for yourself that you can see Germany – budget style!