Helsinki Airport

The Helsinki Airport also known as Helsinki Vantaa Airport is the chief international airport that serves the Helsinki metro region in particular and the whole of the country. Situated about 3 miles from the center of Vantaa and 10.6 miles from the Helsinki downtown area, Helsinki Airport is one of the largest as well as the busiest airports among the Nordic countries. With the airport being conveniently connected through several buses from the capital and from all over Finland, getting to the airport would not be a difficult task.

Brief Overview

The airport was first built for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, and now deals with over 10 million passengers per year on average. Operated by the state owned enterprise called Finavia, the Helsinki Airport is a wonderful gateway for air travel that guides its passengers through an array of excellent services and facilities. The Helsinki Airport has a safe and secure environment for passengers and has rightly won several awards in the past for operating with high efficiency. As one of the major airports in Finland, the Helsinki Airport faces a deluge of passenger traffic.

Airlines and Destinations

The airport functions as both domestic and international hub for the flag carrier of Finland, the Finn Airways. Besides, it also serves passengers of Blue1, the regional division of Scandinavian Airlines System, shortly known as the SAS.

The airport handles around 30 airlines operating several flights on a regular basis to more than 75 destinations from around the world.

Terminals and Infrastructure

Two towering terminals- standing 250 meters apart- welcome passengers coming into the airport. Expansion of the Schengen and non-Schengen areas recently has allowed for more space, and thereby a significant increase in the capacity of the airport. The airport can accommodate wide-bodied airplanes such as Airbus A 350 and Airbus A 340.


If you are waiting for your flight and are wondering what to do, you can take a stroll around the airport to the book swapping station where you can drop off books that you’ve finished reading and pick some that others have left behind, or spot some planes from the viewing terrace, or pop into the art gallery and take a look at the art collections on display there.