Kangerlussuaq Airport

Kangerlussuaq Airport, situated in the Qeqqata municipality in Greenland, is an international airport which can handle big airplanes. Known for its scenic setting and a wonderful climate, this airport is the main gateway to destinations all over Greenland. Its location being far off from the coast and hence is less prone to wind and fog compared to other airports here.

Along with Narsarsuaq Airport (in southern Greenland), Kangerlussuaq Airport is one of the two airports big enough to deal with a good number of passengers.


Just outside the premises of the airport is an enthralling wildlife setting where reindeers, musk oxen, falcons, arctic foxes, ravens and eagles frequent during winter. The strip paved here is not just a runway where air flights can take off and land. Step off the plane, and you can look at a wonderful panoramic countryside view of Greenland right in front of you. Kangerlussuaq Airport is the best place to get to if you want to get anywhere close to a giant wall of ice.

Getting to the airport is easy during summer with buses, and taxis operating everywhere. However, in winter, snowmobiles and dog sleds are the best ways of transport.


Kangerlussuaq Airport is not just an ordinary airport. It was called as Sondrestromfjord- an airbase for American military until 1992, and has come a long way to become an important gateway for passengers travelling to destinations scattered throughout the country. A decade later, the airport was used as a fuelling station where planes were refueled.

Flights and Destinations

Air Greenland operates flights from Copenhagen to this airport six days a week throughout summer, and 4 days during winter. In addition to Copenhagen, Air Greenland also flies airplanes to destinations such as Ilulissat, Narsarsuaq, Nerlerit Inaat, Aasiaat. Chartered airplanes occasionally fly into this airport; many people hire private flights and reach this place with the intention of commencing their tour of Greenland. The airport is well connected to places in the rest of the country such as Ilulissat or Nuuk.


Kangerlussuaq Airport has a single terminal, which is open round the clock throughout summer, along with a hotel right inside the premises of the terminal. You can help yourself with some drinks in the self-service bar and dance your night away in the nightclub here.