Kansai International Airport

Located on an artificial island (manmade) in the heart of Osaka Bay just 24 miles to the southwest of the Osaka station, the Kansai International Airport is one of the leading gateways for air traffic in Asia. Even though the facility is located on an island, the getting to and from the mainland is not difficult, thanks to options of public transport.

Flights and Destinations

Constructed in a bid to free Osaka airport off its traffic, this airport is a typical Asian hub that flies about 500 flights to Asian airports, 66 flights to airports in the Middle East and Europe, and 35 flights to North America- on a weekly basis. Most of all the flights to Kansai International Airport, particularly the aircrafts operating on the busiest routes, head to cities like Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo and Taipei among other cities in Asis. In fact, all the leading airlines of Asia such as Air China, Air India, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines and the Japan Airlines have scheduled flights operating from this airport. The number of destinations covered across Asia is quite great, while destinations across Europe, America, and Africa are pretty decent.

Terminals and Infrastructure

The Kansai International Airport has a single terminal, which even has a modern people moving system called the Wing Shuttle. Divided into different floors, the terminal has domestic arrivals and departure on the second floor, the international departures on the third and fourth floor, and the international arrival on the first floor.


For those flying into the country, there are several kiosks and information centers across the airport to guide you through. Cash dispensers and ATMs along with banks and currency exchange centres can be found here. With a power station, a plant for water purification, a huge post office and much more amenities, the Kansai International Airport stands out from the crowd. The airport is quite spacious with a good number of shops and restaurants, play areas for kids, lounges, spas and massage parlors. If you are a plane enthusiast and want to catch hold of the view of airplanes taking off and landing, you can visit the observation hall here.