Lisbon Portela Airport

Lisbon Portela Airport is located approximately 4.3 miles north of the capital city of Lisbon and is a main gateway for international and domestic flights to Portugal. With daily flights to different destinations all over the world, Lisbon Portela Airport is not only a hub to many attractions of Portugal but also one of Southern Europe’s biggest airports. The airport is definitely well organized in terms of accessibility, which can make it very easy to get in and out of.

Brief Overview

The Lisbon Airport commenced its operations way back in the year 1942, and developed quickly as soon as the war was over. By 1946, some of the major airlines of that time such as British European Airways, Trans World Airlines, Air France, Sabena were using the airport for their operations. With just a four runways to its name, the airport started flying airplanes to few places but has grown into a bigger facility with great infrastructure (including 16 jet ways). Parking positions, air bridges, boarding gates and many other changes were done in order to make sure that the facility is well equipped and capable to deal with constantly increasing number of passengers.

The airport has undergone several changes and upgrades recently thanks to a great increase in incoming traffic.

Airlines and Destinations

Lisbon Portela Airport is home for some of the leading airlines in the industry, providing a huge variety from luxury travel to economy carriers to several popular destinations from around the world. There are over 40 operating airlines at the airport, using terminals 1 and 2. From Lufthansa to Turkish Airways, and South African Airways to Emirates, this airport has several airplanes flying to important destinations in the aviation world.

Airport Facilities

The Lisbon Portela Airport has plenty of facilities on offer for the passengers. With ATMs, money exchange centres, internet access points, public telephones, business lounges, salons, shops of branded retailers, eateries, and cafes- you have access to everything you would expect from a top airport facility.

With a number of upgrades lined up for the future, the airport has all the ingredients to become one of the premier airports in the European continent.