Oslo International Airport

Oslo-Gardermoen International Airport is the main airport serving the capital city of Norway. Rated as the second busiest airport in Nordic and the nineteenth in Europe, the Oslo airport flies a number of flights for several international and domestic Airlines. More than 20 million passengers have passed through the airport last year, thus making the Oslo airport one of Europe’s premier aviation gateways.

Located 22 miles northeast of Oslo, the Oslo-Gardermoen International Airport has one terminal and two runways and a plenty of aircraft stands. It is well connected to the downtown Oslo by means of trains (including FlytoGet) and buses. Though it is the main hub for Norwegian air travel, it functions in tandem with a couple of airports as a gateway for Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) besides flying a few flights for Norwegian Air Shuttle.


The Oslo-Gardermoen International Airport has really come a long way from a WWII airfield, to become one of the primary hubs of air travel in this part of the world. The airport’s history dates back to 1740 when the airport was a mere camp for the Norwegian army. This place saw a lot of transformation until 1912 when the first airplane took off from here. As a military station, Gardermoen saw many military airplanes and fighter planes take off. Few years later, the German air force Luftwaffe took over and built airport facilities before the airport went into the hands of Norwegian Air Force. The Oslo airport gradually became operational, flying intercontinental flights and domestic flights.

Airlines and Destinations

Oslo-Gardermoen International Airport flies a range of airplanes to Doha, Dubai, Bangkok, Newark, New York City, San Francisco and many more destinations including Lahore and Islamabad. Airplanes from leading Airlines fly to round about 162 airports from 60 destinations around the world but mainly to cities within the continent. A number of chartered flight services are operated from here, covering most of the leisure destinations located on the Mediterranean Sea and also to destinations as remote as Krabi and Phuket in Thailand, to Cancun in Mexico. Some of the popular air routes include London, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The airport has all extensive shopping, money exchange, internet and eating facilities for everyone.