Stay Fit While Traveling

Here are five surefire ways to keep you fit when traveling for either business or pleasure!

  1. Walk! – It is the easiest way to keep from packing on the pounds. Walk wherever you can. If you are traveling for pleasure, you will probably find yourself walking more than you normally do. Make it a brisk walk so that you do get fitness benefits. Another idea is to take a walk first thing in the morning before you hit the hotel’s continental breakfast. Ask the front desk to give you some walking routes that might lead you to an interesting sight or a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Take advantage of sightseeing packages and guided tours are also great ways to get in some extra-walking.
  2. Bring a Few Core Essentials – With a few small things that you can slip into your suitcase, you can work out in your hotel room, bed and breakfast or wherever you might be staying. Bring a resistance band, a jump rope, workout video, or anything else that you use at home. You don’t have to do your regular workout – but as long as you keep yourself active, that is the main goal!
  3. Use the Fitness Center – Many hotels have fitness centers – all you need to do is use it! Smaller hotels sometimes arrange with local fitness centers that you can use free or at a discount. Ask the front desk to find out what they offer.
  4. Do Your Regular Fitness Class – If you take yoga, Pilates or aerobics, you probably already have a fitness workout ingrained in your brain. Just harness that knowledge and keep doing what you usually do! The best thing is that these types of classes can be done fairly easily in your room if the hotel doesn’t have a fitness facility.
  5. Beware of Portion Sizes – One of the biggest culprits of the five pound gain when traveling is the ridiculous portion sizes served at some restaurants. If you can, try sharing with a dining partner, asking for a half portion or ordering an appetizer and salad instead of a main course. If you continually eat the large main course portions for every meal, you’ll definitely have tighter pants when you get home!

My biggest piece of advice is that you shouldn’t stress out about keeping in shape when you’re on the road. Arm yourself with a plan to keep relatively active and to watch how much you consume. Your goal should always be to maintain your weight, don’t put pressure on yourself to lose any. Also, be sure you don’t miss any of the fun and important vacation experiences just because you are trying to stay fit and workout! Your travel and Vacations should be fun, carefree and healthy! Best of luck!