Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Located 23 miles north of the city of Stockholm and 25 miles southeast of Uppsala is one of the best airports in Sweden- the Stockholm Arlanda airport. Rated as one of the largest amongst the 4 major airports in and around Stockholm, this airport acts as a major bug for air travel. As one of the busiest airports in the Nordic Countries, Stockholm Arlanda Airport handles thousands of domestic and international flights yearly. Going by the stats, the airport welcomed round about 19 million air passengers last year, including 5 million passengers who took domestic airplanes.


Even though the airport was unveiled in the year 1959 for handling practice flights, it actually opened for air traffic the next year. And it had to wait 10 long years to see a significant shift in traffic with both chartered and scheduled flights. The years 1970 and 2010 marked the arrival of the world famous Boeing 747 jumbo jet and Airbus A380 respectively. In the time between 1970 and 2010, the airport saw addition of several airlines, development of new structures and terminals to upgrade the airport experience.

Airlines and Destinations

Stockholm Arlanda is a hub connecting Stockholm to several destinations via several continental and intercontinental flights. Right from Scandinavian airlines to Air China, United Airlines to Emirates, Iran Air to Qatar Airways, Thai Airways to Delta Air Lines, all major destinations around the world are covered. Besides, the airport has a dedicated wing of non-stop chartered services operating with airplanes ready to fly to several places, including non-European destinations.

Terminals and Infrastructure

The Stockholm Arlanda airport has 4 terminals- 2 each for international (Terminals 2 and 5) and domestic flights (Terminals 3 and 4). While you are waiting for your flights, make sure you stroll around the terminals and you will be in for a real treat. SkyCity connects terminals 4 and 5 and has a business centre right in the middle, which has a number of great shops, if you’re a shopper. Each terminal has its pretty own selection of restaurants and outlets from world famous retailers.

Overall, Stockholm Arlanda Airport is extremely well organized and has all the comforts (internet access, salon, business lounges, post office, money exchange etc) you would look forward to from a top-notch airport.