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Tips for traveling overseas

Traveling is a wonderful hobby. That is why so many people want to know tips for traveling abroad. Many people think traveling requires a lot of money and it makes sense; especially if you are traveling overseas, imagine the flight, hotel, and anything else. However, traveling with a lot of money somehow makes the sense of adventure slowly disappear. Traveling overseas with limited budget forces you to be creative, communicate with local people, and have an unforgettable experience. But, to each their own, I sometimes prefer traveling with enough budgets and enjoy the ‘luxury’ as well. Whatever your preference is, here are some universal tips for traveling abroad, so you will know what to prepare for your vacation.

1. Keep Extra Cash Money

The first tips for traveling abroad are money. We live in the world controlled by money. So always be prepared. To save yourself in an emergency situation, make sure to stash some cash in some different places. I suggest you keep at least a couple hundred of dollars. If you somehow lose your wallet, cannot use your card, or there’s no money in the ATM, you will be glad you bring cash.

Hide your cash in some of these stash spots, socks, shoe, a personal hidden part of your backpack, a toiletry bag, anywhere. Just be creative.

2. Meet Local People

Make sure to try meeting start a conversation with some local people, don’t just group with other foreign travelers. Basic English is now commonly spoken by people all over the world, especially in the destination place. So communicate with local people will be easier than you think, plus if you combine it hand gestures and body language to help the lack of spoken communication. You can learn much from people who live in the country you are currently visiting for all their live. People will make you trip unforgettable.

3. Bring a Scarf

Bring a scarf, or you can use a shemagh, sarongs will also work. The simple piece of cloth is one of the most useful accessories when traveling because it has tons of practical applications. The scarf is great for sun protection in a hot country, an eye mask, a little towel, carrying some stuff and much more.

4. Take a Photo, A lot.

Seeing all the beautiful places and meeting these amazing people at that time is probably your last time. So remember them forever with photos. Take a ton of pictures and don’t worry about taking pictures often, no one cares, you are a tourist. Photos are the greatest souvenir.

Photos don’t cost a dime and don’t take up space in your bag. You only have to bring a ‘big’ memory card, big capacity not big in size.

5. You will always find A Way

A good mindset tips for traveling abroad. Everything is possible. If you have a trouble when about to go somewhere or do something there, don’t give up. There will be a way, you just haven’t found the one yet or met the right people yet. Don’t listen too much to those who say you can’t do it, try it for yourself and prove them wrong.

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