Top 4 Outdoor Things To Do In Tennessee

Tennessee is the home of many adventures in breathtaking wildernesses. There are forest, cliffs, clear lakes, wild rivers, and beautiful canyons. Locals and visitors alike relish in the wonderful nature that the state offers, and you will love getting lost in the great outdoors. Here are just four of the fantastic adventures you and your

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA downtown over the Tennessee River.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA downtown over the Tennessee River.

family can plan for in Tennessee.



1. Camping

Tennessee is home to many state parks and campgrounds. Whether you like to rough it under the stars or enjoy a bit of outdoor luxury, tent and cabin campers alike can find exactly what they are looking for!

Secluded camping areas are available all over the state, so be sure to look near the area you will be staying (or where you live) to get a great spot!

Campgrounds complete with cabins are also available. These are a great alternative for families with small children or for those who want a little extra comfort as they enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to reserve ahead as these are usually very popular!

2. Kayaking

The rivers of Tennessee are perfect destinations for water activities like fishing, swimming, and kayaking. Whether you’re a newbie trying to learn the ropes, or an experienced paddler looking for a challenge, we’ve got something for you!

There are also many guided kayaking tours. Learn about and experience this great state like never before in a fun guided adventure! Quest Expeditions offers just such tours, so be sure to ask about them.

3. Rafting

Rafting is another fun activity widely available in Tennessee. Families can float lazily along the water all day, but thrill seekers can have a blast in a white-water rafting expedition.

On calm rivers, families with children or people looking to relax on the water can float along without much worry of the “elements.

The thrill of riding along the natural roller-coaster of a raging river is unparalleled. Many believe that there is nothing quite as satisfying as fighting down a wild river to get to some of the most secluded areas of the world. Don’t worry if this is something you’ve never done, though. There are also guided rafting adventures available for those looking to spice up their sightseeing.

4. Trails and Hiking

Finally, Tennessee proudly sports many walking and hiking trails for people of any fitness level. Many wish to simply walk in nature, and can take a leisurely stroll on hundreds of different walking trails – from widely available to remote and secluded, You can enjoy many of these trails on your own without any fear of getting lost.

Those looking to gain a little altitude can go trekking on Tennessee’s many hiking trails. These range in difficulty from absolutely beginner to total madman! You are sure to find a hike that gets your heart rate going a bit and opens to very gratifying views. On the most extreme trails, make sure you are well prepared with snacks, water, first aid, and navigational gear so you can make it back to civilization!

These are only four of the most popular things to do in the great outdoors of Tennessee. There are literally hundreds of things that families of all ages and sizes can participate in. The trick is to decide what is best for your family.

Families with young children will mostly likely want to stick to camping and easy trails or rafting adventures. Thrill-seekers and the very physically fit may love the hardcore rafting and hiking trails. Make sure you assess the tastes, needs, and the ability of each family member who will be traveling with you to get the most out of your Tennessee adventure. Guides and experts are also here to help!

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