Vnukovo International Airport

Vnukovo International Airport is the one of the major hubs for air traffic to and from Russia, which ranks third in terms of the number of passengers served per year. With over 120 thousand flights from more than 200 airlines taking off every year, the airport is able to handle up to 10 million passengers.

Located very close to the city center of Moscow, the airport is only 11 kilometers away from the famous Moscow Ring Road. Its strategic location cuts down the time taken to commute between the airport and the city. With the cabs conveniently located in front of the terminals, and the route buses just a few steps away, getting in and out of the airport is as easy as it gets.

Brief Overview

One of the oldest airports in the city of Moscow, the Vnukovo International Airport has evolved from an airbase (flying military airplanes) into a great hub for air traffic. Many expansion plans have been devised and implemented to convert the airport into a bigger facility.

At an elevation of 204 m above sea level, Vnukovo International Airport is not only the highest of the 3 airports in Moscow but also capable to maintain flight services even in poor visibility. The airport also enjoys good weather for most of the year, making it one of the common choices of frequent air travelers.

Airlines and Destinations

The aerial route network of this airport comprises of round about 65 to 70 destinations (both scheduled and chartered) to Russia, the CIS countries and those far away. With the airport constantly growing, the list of destinations covered will only grow bigger. The airport adds new destinations in and around North America, Africa, Asia and Western Europe, thereby putting even remote destinations within reach.

Processing more than 3000 passengers per hour, flights to Vnukovo International Airport arrive from all around the world, including main cities such as London, Frankfurt Madrid, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Barcelona, New York, Miami, Lisbon, Beijing, Tel Aviv and Toronto.

The airport also operates domestic routes, and many passengers catch their flights here on their way to St Petersburg, Sovetsky, Beloyarsk, Kaliningrad, Makhachkala and other popular cities in Russia.