Zagreb Airport

Zagreb Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe located 6.2 miles from Zagreb. The airport is well connected by train and bus networks, so getting to the airport is not as difficult as one would imagine. Hosting more than 15 airlines including the Croatian Airlines, it handles domestic and international air travel. The airports flies to European destinations like London, Munich, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lisbon and many more. Airplanes from several leading airlines in Europe, namely British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France take off at Zagreb Airport, which set a new record for itself last year serving approximately 2.3 million passengers.


From its beginnings in 1909 to the present day, the air transport in Zagreb Airport has grown dynamically. Flying first started, round about 90 years ago, back in 1928. A couple of decades later, however, the commercial services were shifted to an airbase in Lucko. The number of passengers grew touching the 1,67,000 mark in 1947. Service facilities and buildings for air traffic control were erected in the subsequent decades, and a dedicated technical base was set up before 1974- when the airport was reconstructed.

The years that followed saw the Zagreb Airport improving itself with modern infrastructure and sophisticated technologies that would improve the experience of air travel.

Terminal and Infrastructure

The terminal at the Zagreb Airport received a major facelift just a few years ago and has been able to serve more number of passengers since then. With the construction of another terminal beginning this year, the airport can expect to handle a significant increase in the volume of passenger traffic in a few years from now.


The Zagreb Airport features remarkable services for the passengers passing through its gates. Travelers have access to parking lots, a large selection of restaurants, lounges including a VIP lounge and all kinds of money exchange and banking services. This is a happening place for food enthusiasts as one can relish local cuisines along with international dishes in several restaurants here. If you have an eye for duty free shopping at airports, you would not be disappointed.